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Medical Billing & Coding

Hi and welcome.  My name is Anne-Marie Anderson and I have been in the medical billing and coding industry for over 20 years.    I am asked over and over again about the medical billing and medical coding industries and, since there are many myths and misconceptions, decided to start this website.

Medical billing and coding specialists are responsible for processing a patient procedure and diagnosis data and submitting this information to various insurance companies for payment.

This is much easier that it sounds.  In today’s complicated medical environment, there are literally thousands of different medical procedures performed every day and, in turn, thousands of various diagnoses for these conditions.

Once a patient sees a physician, a medical coder transforms all of the medical procedural descriptions and diagnoses into universal medical code numbers by using the doctor’s notes, laboratory and test results.

Once the patient’s visit is coded, medical billers then take over to submit a patient’s information to their insurance company in order to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider.

What really complicates things is that every insurance company may require different types of additional information in order to pay the medical claims.  In addition, every insurance company pays a different amount of money for the same type of health care procedure.  Since there are literally thousands of health insurance companies, this can become very complicated indeed.

When physicians attend medical school, they are not trained in medical coding and billing.   Therefore, there is a true need for health care coding and billing professionals trained in medical reimbursement.

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